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I'm trying to create a slider with two thumbs for my app, to use as a range slider, but am running into issues. The basic requirement for me is to get a single slider with tick marks and two thumbs, which are both set with IsSnapToTickEnabled="true".

I found some samples of range sliders when searching for help (for example this one) but I was not able to modify it to add tick marks and force the thumbs to snap to ticks. Getting tick marks and snapping working for the range slider in the link would be ideal though.

I tried modifying a slider's template and adding another thumb to it but then I do not know how to get the value of the selected thumb.

Does anyone have a sample of a slider with two thumbs, tick marks, and snap to tick enabled? All of the range slider samples I have found use two sliders on top of each other and none of them allow for tick marks or snapping to tick marks.


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I ended up modifying the one in the link in my original post. I combined it with a TickBar and did the calculations myself in order to provide snap to tick functionality.

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I am trying to do the same. Would you mind sharing the result? –  Lukas Jul 26 '11 at 22:02

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