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Before asking my question I would like to explain little about my architecture.My data is of mixed types like String , Array Collection , Boolean I have to populate the data into appropriate UI component - for example Boolean to check box , Array to List...... so We have created a factory class which will return 3 different type of component based on the input argument

  1. CTextfield -> extends mx.controls.Text
  2. CList -> extends mx.controls.List
  3. CCheckBox -> extends custom.MultiLineCheckBox


MultiLineCheckBox which extends mx.controls.CheckBox and few methods are overridden to bring the multiple line label.

It works perfect.Am using the MultiLineCheckBox in the entire application wherever I want check Box.

Now I went into a scenario where I want check Box instead of MultiLineCheckBox. How to rewrite my CCheckBox to handle MultiLineCheckBox and also default CheckBox?

Note : Each of the CCheckBox class has lot of methods init.

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You need an abstract factory that extends from your concrete factory ( then write the logic of handle the different scenarios in it, when to use checkbox vs multilinecheckbox

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@Anandh read the factory, inheritance and possible the MVC chapters in the book OReilly AS3 Design Pattern (…) – Saad Mar 22 '11 at 19:14
AS3 doesn't support abstract features , read in some blog trying to force AS3 to have language features is error prone. Wat says? – Anandh Mar 22 '11 at 22:00

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