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Recreational Android developer here, with what I would guess is a simple query.

I am wondering exactly what "this" means in java/Android. Occasionally you see it as an inherent part of some methods, but I am curious what, in detail, it really refers to. Thanks!

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4 Answers

From my view this is:

  • one of fifty Java keywords
  • special (e.g. read-only) reference to the current object

You can use it in four different contexts:

  1. to point to the current object's fields and methods (this.)
  2. to point to the current object itself (e.g. Object object = this;)
  3. to invoke constructor in an another constructor (this())
  4. (Qualified this) to point to the outer object in (not static) inner class (e.g. OuterClassName.this.OuterClassField)

To get better understanding you need some example:

class Box {
   // Implementing Box(double width = 1, double length = 1, double height = 1):
   Box(double width, double length, double height) {         
      this.width = width; // width is local parameter
      this.length = length; // this.length is object's field
      this.height = height;
   Box(double width, double length) {
      // no statements here allowed
      this(width, length, 1);
      // you can call at most one constructor (recursion not allowed)
   Box(double width) {
      this(width, 1, 1);
   Box() {
      this(1, 1, 1);
      System.out.println("I am default constructor");
   public double getWidth() {
       return this.width; // explicit way (width means the same)
       // return Box.this.width; // full-explicit way
   public void showWidth() {
   public void showWidthAlternate() {
       Box box = this; // the same as explicitly Box box = Box.this;
       // this = box; // can't touch me (read-only reference)
   private double width, length, height;

More information:

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this refers to the current object

used mostly when a field is shadowed

for example:

class Example {

int x;

public void setSomething(int x) {
 this.x = x;


this.x is refering to the instance of x in the Example class not the x passed into the method.

I edited to add the link if you want to read more:

this keyword

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this is used to refer to the current class instance. See http://www.javabeat.net/qna/16-what-is-super-and-this-keyword-in-java/

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It refers to the instance of the class on which the method was called.

For example, if you have:

Cow buddy;

If the "moo()" method uses "this" inside of its definition, it will refer to the Cow "buddy".

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