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In TeamCity 6.0.3, I would like emails to show a list of individual file changes with the user that changed them, like Cruise Control does. Out of the box, it only shows a summary such as "User A (2 files)". Is there a way to change the email format to display the individual changes?

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Try using var.buildChanges in your notification template. Please see more documentation here.

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I've looked at the template and by default it uses {var.buildChanges}, which appears to only provide a summary such as "Changes included (1 change). Change 12345 by User A (8 files): <no comment>". I would like to see a full listing of the files that were changed instead of the summary. –  cisellis Mar 25 '11 at 19:35

Not sure if you ever got it to work. I also was facing this issue and stumbled upon the following on Stackoverflow -

Show Changes with Files in TeamCity 5.1 Notification

The second answer by @bret worked for me. The answer is for Teamcity 6. I'm using Teamcity 8.0

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