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I want to put a big folder on Windows box into one archive (tar, zip, gzip, whatever). Is there a tool that can preserver all folder timestamps?

The timestamps have to be preserverd after unpacking the archive on a Linux box.

Any ideas are welcome!

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What do you mean by folder timestamps? Do you actually mean file time stamps? And which time stamps do you want preserved? Creation date? Modified date? –  David Heffernan Mar 22 '11 at 21:20
The modified date would be enough. –  BetaRide Mar 22 '11 at 21:31

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tar will do fine. gzip is for single file compression, zip won't preserve directory timestamps.

EDIT: Sample.

tar jcpf backup.tbz2 thedir
rm -rf thedir
tar jxpf backup.tbz2

Timestamps preserved.


cygwin tar correctly preserves timestamps. Tested with tar jcf on cygwin, tar jxf on linux.

EDIT3: WinRar preserves directory timestamps, linux unrar restores them properly.

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tar is designed for tape archiving right, so presumably if tar couldn't do it what chance would anything have? –  David Heffernan Mar 22 '11 at 21:25
That's what I thought in the first place. I tried tar with 7zip and gnuwin32. But no luck. The folder timestamps are lost. –  BetaRide Mar 22 '11 at 21:31
@BetaRide What is a folder timestamp? Do you mean folder time stamp or do you mean file timestamp? –  David Heffernan Mar 22 '11 at 21:38
tar preserves both folder and file timestamps for me. I'm using tar though, not some other archiver that happens to support tar format. –  Erik Mar 22 '11 at 21:40
On Windows this code does not preserve folder timestamp. On my Ubuntu machine it does. Unfortunately I need a solution for creating the archive on Windows. –  BetaRide Mar 22 '11 at 21:44

DotNetZip preserves timestamps on folders, as well as files.

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Thanks for the answer, DotNetZip is a very powerfull tool! It can indeed save folder timestamps. Unfortunately I have to unzip on Linux. At least for Ubuntu unzip is not able to preserve the timestamps :-(. –  BetaRide Mar 23 '11 at 7:26
FYI: Windows Explorer nor TotalCommander are able to preserve timestamps whenn unpacking zip archives, no matter wheter the zip file contains correct timestamps or not. –  BetaRide Mar 23 '11 at 7:29
@BetaRide - seems like the problem is with the unzip utility on Ubuntu then, eh? People have compiled DotNetZip on Mono - if you do that then you could use DotNetZip to unzip on Linux. –  Cheeso Mar 24 '11 at 0:03

It seams that there's no soluation to all my requirements:

  1. Pack on Windows an preserve folder timestamps
  2. Unpack on Linux and preserve original folder timestamps
  3. I prefer a copy/paste aka portable installation of the tool, otherwise the deployment gets to complicated.
  4. A partial, drop in cygwin installation by just copying the necessary exe and dll files works, but doesn't preserve the folder timestamps.
  5. Full cygwin installation is not easily possible since the windows client machines are on terminal server (see
  6. Zip doesn't work because unzip on ubuntu cannot preserver folder timestamps, even if the zip tool of choice does.
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Well the problem is unzip on Ubuntu. If you can find or use a different unzip on Ubuntu, you can solve your problem. For example, use DotNetZip on Mono on Ubuntu. –  Cheeso Mar 24 '11 at 0:04

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