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There seems to be only one way to get media to autoplay in iOS versions greater than 4.2, as shown by user bhup here: How can I autoplay media in iOS >= 4.2.1 Mobile Safari?

var ifr=document.createElement("iframe");
ifr.setAttribute('src', "");
ifr.setAttribute('width', '1px');
ifr.setAttribute('height', '1px');
ifr.setAttribute('scrolling', 'no');"0px";

Using this method has one major drawback: I can't find a way to get JS interacting with the Quicktime plugin when using this method.

I have tried many things, but can't find a way to both instantiate the plugin in a way that exposes it to JS and have it autoplay. Any thoughts?

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One way:

In your iFrame element, set onload="parent.someFunction();"

Then, in someFunction():

pluginElement = document.getElementById('yourIframeElementId').contentWindow.document.body.firstChild;
pluginElement.GetTime(); //Or any other function that the QT plugin exposes
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