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I'd like to start coding against an ELM327 based automotive OBD-II Bluetooth adapter in iOS/Objective-C. Is there a guide/primer on how to get started?

I would imagine the ELM327 adapter is a serial device... I can probably figure out how to establish a Bluetooth connection with the phone, but I haven't any idea where to start with sending/receiving OBD-II messages to/from it.

Is there a pre-existing API for this device?

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I know it's some 3+ years since you asked this question, but did you get anywhere with this? I'd like to develop an iOS app that talks to an ELM327 based device over wifi and am hoping to avoid re-inventing the wheel on the OBD-II comms. – CharlesA May 30 '14 at 17:28
I have a basic wifi-based AT comms setup working in this project here, that might serve as a decent starting point for anyone wanting to do this: github.com/jeffmcfadden/CarDash – Jeff Jun 27 '15 at 1:08

If you need some OBDKey specific commands let me know. As an example, to access the RPM data, issue the following commands


These instructions will initialise the OBDKey interface, set the protocol search on to automatic, initialise communcations with the engine managment ECU and send the mode 1 PID 0C command to request engine speed (RPM) data. The value returned in response to the 010C command is actually four time the real engine speed value.

Using sockets and streams in iOS / Objective-C is the best way to set up communications to the OBDKey WLAN (the default IP address is, port 23).

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The adapter should handle the wire protocols for you and have some sort of interface/protocol for speaking OBD-II to the ECU/PCM: Looks like AT Commands.

The SAE standards documents are the ultimate authority for the OBD-II protocol, but they're not free (AFAIK ~$65 each). The Wikipedia article lists the relevant standards.

There is existing software floating around that you can extract code/data from. One example is ScanTool.net.

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The elm327 odb2 device uses AT and ODB commands.
The AT commands are the same as you use on modems, they always start with AT.

When the devices initializes it sends

ELM327 v2.1

If you send


this will reset device and it will issue "ELM327 v2.1" and > prompt again.

AT commands are used to manage the elm327 device.

ODB commands are in asci hex such as the above example

01 0c

to get the rpm or

01 05

to get coolant temp

At http://www.elmelectronics.com/obdic.html there are data sheet pdf files with more details.
Also you can search ituns for "elm327" and get 2 free books on the subject.

I'm just starting the same project for my generic elm327 wifi device so I dont have any details yet.
I will add comments as soon as I learn anything useful.

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