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I am working on an install script, of the following form:

# get username
echo "Please enter your oracle username:"
read -p "> " username
stty -echo

# get password
echo "Please enter your oracle password:"
read -r -p "> " password; echo
stty echo

# -- Create all text to output to config
echo -e $finaluser"\n"$finalpassword > $configfile

The problem is, if a password of the form like 'z\2z', it is outputted to $configfile as:


Is there any easy way to avoid this?

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Don't embed the \n, and then you don't need the -e option which is also interpreting the \2.

echo "$finaluser" >$configfile
echo "$finalpassword" >>$configfile


cat >$configfile <<EOF

or a third way if you really want to use a single command

printf '%s\n%s\n' "$finaluser" "$finalpassword"
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+1 for the printf version. Yet more ways: echo "$finaluser"$'\n'"$finalpassword" > $configfile or { echo "$finaluser"; echo "$finalpassword"; } > $configfile –  Dennis Williamson Mar 23 '11 at 2:21

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