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I've got a Live Wallpaper that I've integrated with the LVL licensing for Android Marketplace. I'm handling a license check failure by starting an Activity with an AlertDialog. One button will take the user to the app's page on the Android Marketplace, the other will simply exit. Additionally, I am resetting the current Live Wallpaper to the Default.

The issue I am having right now is that when the user exits the Activity holding the Alert Dialog, he is returned to the LiveWallpaperPreview window with the "Apply" and "Settings" button. This makes no sense to the user because all he sees is a black screen, and the Settings button will take him to a page that controls settings for a wallpaper he can't view.

What I'd like to do is back the user out to the Live Wallpaper chooser (android.service.wallpaper.LIVE_WALLPAPER_CHOOSER. Can anybody assist here?

Thanks in advance, Dan

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Why not just fire off an intent to send the user to the homescreen? as this will be identical to closing the live wallpaper preview. –  stealthcopter Mar 23 '11 at 0:01
Thanks, stealthcopter. That's a fine alternative, and it works well. I'm still very much getting used to "The Android Way." –  dan Mar 23 '11 at 4:13

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