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im trying to make a wep key generator and ive read how wep keys work but i really dont even know how to start making it. can anyone give me an example or direct me to a tutorial? i tried using google but no luck.

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in javascript...

function generateHexString(length) {
  var ret = "";
  while (ret.length < length) {
    ret += Math.random().toString(16).substring(2);
  return ret.substring(0,length);

// 40-/64-bit WEP: 10 digit key
alert("40-bit:" + generateHexString(10));

// 104-/128-bit WEP: 26 digit key
alert("104-bit:" + generateHexString(26))

// 256-bit WEP: 58 digit key
alert("256-bit:" + generateHexString(58));

If you wanted to generate something based on a fixed string input, there are methods for doing that as well... this should give you what you are looking for in terms of just a straight random hex string of the correct length.

I'm not sure if there is a standard passphrase to WEP generator, but most limit the input to printable characters, and the algorythms are generally weak.. best bet is to simply use WPA2PSK if you can.

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avoid omitting the curly braces in javascript, that will save you debugging time. – Eric Fortis Mar 23 '11 at 0:20

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