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(Using WinForms and C#. -> .Net 2.0)

I am adding nodes to a TreeView based on data in a table. As well as the caption to appear on the node, that data also contains Bitmaps.

I would like to use the Bitmap from the table as the icon on the TreeViewNode, not one from a pre-existing ImageList. (Normally you designate a Key or an Index of an image in an image list to set the node's image.)

Is this possible or do I need to add the Bitmap from my data to the ImageList (at runtime) then use that ImageList to populate the image on the node.

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I think you have two options. You can populate an ImageList from your data like you're suggesting, or you can draw the image onto the control yourself (with the Paint event).

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+1 for dynamically creating ImageList from data – Brandon Feb 12 '09 at 5:13
Yeh - that's what I've done. Seems a little overkill but works fine. – Stuart Helwig Feb 12 '09 at 6:32

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