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I'm experimenting with Dancer some time, and looking for the right blocks to build my application. Frameworks tend to have flat example applications, dealing with one table at time. So I have no good idea which tools should be used to build a little bit more complex CRUD forms.

Let's say I create a Booklovers app. It should have a form to add/edit books with authors. To cover this I need 3 tables in our database: books, authors and books_to_authors. Which is best way to build a form to add a book with authors?


  • It is not known how many authors a book may have, we need dynamic adding of rows.
  • The authors table may have tens of thousands of records, so a select form element is not suitable.
  • An author may be missing from our database, we need to add them dynamically, too.

All these dynamic parts needs some AJAX. Is there a good solution to integrate it with form creating tools in Perl? I looked at CGI::FormBuilder and am still looking, but I did not find something that could build forms for 3 joined tables as described. The dynamic client-side part also still needs to be covered.

Are there some best practices for such a pretty simple case?

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AJAX is for rendering data in a Web browser, it doesn't affect the back-end data storage.

The books and authors tables have a many-to-many relationship, using ORMs such as DBIx-Class can help.

In the Web form, there is a new book and a collection of authors. At the server side, create a book, then add authors to book.

Browse the DBIx::Class cookbook to get some ideas.

Sorry for not providing a simple answer to solve your problem.

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I think AJAX is important thing to consider when you chose your building blocks. Some already have very good bindings (like CGI::FormBuilder), so it makes your app more solid. I avoided ORM, because i looked DBIx couple of years ago and had troubles with this (unicode support and joining tables from multiple databases). Still, i will look it again. Thank you! – w.k Mar 23 '11 at 15:34
Adjustment: CGI::FormBuilder has javascript bindings, not directly to some AJAX library, AFAIK. – w.k Mar 23 '11 at 15:44
It seems you are seasoned programmer. Would you consider nosql? Build the forms yourself may more efficient than us a form tool tool to bind sql into a form. Use a minimal framework such as mojolicios mojolicious.org make things easier. You could also have a look at CGI::Ajax. – Weiyan Mar 24 '11 at 4:22
I agree that it would be nice to have a walkthrough or demo code for a use-case like this. @w.k.: what did you end up using? – spazm Mar 7 '13 at 22:02
@spazm: i'm still stickin' around. I've some thoughts to build something more general, but have not get picture together. Like it is always: not enough time. I still build forms by hand, nothing fancier. – w.k Mar 8 '13 at 18:07
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Seems it is somehow too complex question to have straightforward solution.

I stick using templates forms and generete dynamic part with different jQuery plugins.

I don't think it is best way, but have not seen better for now.

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