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I have an index.php file in my root web dir. I want to check if /cache/index.html exists FIRST, and if so, display it.

Otherwise, continue using /index.php

Apache is configured to display index.html first, then index.php, so one thought I had was symlink /index.html to /cache/index.html, but I would rather not.


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One way to do it is

DirectoryIndex cache/index.html index.php 

Note that this affects all subdirectories, as well, relative to the subdirectory. If you try to load htt://www.example.com/blub/ (and /blub/ exists) first /blub/cache/index.html is searched, then /blub/index.html. This generally isn't a problem, but you might want to add index.html or other index names used at the end of the directive.

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Worked perfectly. Thanks. –  jeremib Mar 23 '11 at 12:15

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