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can anyone give me an example of how to retrieve twitter public information, not related to an account, let say, with PHP or javascript or Net???

I know there is a Twitter API & I'm looking at it to get familiarized with, but I need an example quickly, let say for tomorrow, on how to retrieve public/not-account-related info about twitter posts. In example, would I be able to do something like:

var twitter = new Twitter();
var theWord = "tsunami";
var select = " SELECT PostUser, PostDate, PostSubject";
var from = " FROM PublicTwitts";
var where = " WHERE Subject/Content LIKE '%" + theWord + "%'";
var query = select + from + where;
var culture = "spanish";
twitter.getJSON(query, spanish);

Is that possible???

I would be happy with the closest example, while I continue digging into the API.

Thanks in advance.

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You will want to use the Search API.

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Excellent, that is what I was looking for, thanks –  Rafael Mar 23 '11 at 14:32

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