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i'm new using monotouch.

My problem is i want call a javascript function from a monotouch function and javascript function could call a monotouch function too.

I believe that with objective c this problem is possible, but i need making it with monotouch.

Help me please.

any help is thank for advance

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To invoke Javascript code running in the UIWebView from your application, use the EvaluateJavascript method, like this:

myView.EvaluateJavaScript ("a = 1;");

To call back into your C# code, the only option is to hook up to the ShouldStartLoad property like this:

myView.ShouldStartLoad = myHandler;


bool myHandler (UIWebView webView, NSUrlRequest request, UIWebViewNavigationType navType)
    // Determine what to do here based on the @request and @navType

You can of course, also use anonymous methods if you want to access local variables easily:

myView.ShouldStartLoad = (webView, request, navType) => {
     // Determine here what to do

In the Javascript side, if you want to call back to Mono, you then set the location.href property to a "special" url, like this:

// Javascript code:
location.href = "myapp://action?par1=abc&par2=def"

The information will be available on the request object: request.Url.AbsoluteString

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Thanks, Miguel!! A million times, thanks!! This just answered my question as well... my question is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/5404152/…. I am busy building a bridging mechanism for two-way communication between javascript and monotouch and have been struggling with implementing ShouldStartLoad delegate. This gave me the info that I needed to get it working. :) :) :) – BruceHill Mar 23 '11 at 15:15
thanks Miguel, you are the best!!!! – user672206 Mar 23 '11 at 15:59
Ok, great. I'm trying to override an ajax call. I can replace the PageMethods.Method() with a function which calls a special url like you said, but i need the call to give a response. How can I do that? – Radu Simionescu Oct 22 '13 at 11:16
The request.Url.AbsoluteString stays the same for any calls. How to pass "myapp://action?par1=abc&par2=def" with the url – User31 Apr 12 at 20:22

I just released MonoTouch JsBridge to make this easier. It allows you to add event listeners and fire events between the native side and the UIWebView. It was inspired by Titanium.


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I haven't tried it in monotouch, but it should be the same as in ObjC:

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