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My apps that I created are no longer showing up in the Facebook sidebar. When I go to edit page > apps the apps show up and are currently active. It even gives me a link to the "tab" but doesn't work - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fb-Pro-Design-Sandbox/134160249933091?v=app_175098392538438 - It just brings me to the Fan page wall not the app.

Does anyone have any insight to why this may happen? Is it something to do with my personal settings or is there a Facebook error happening right now?

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Did you have the application installed in a box? If so, then unfortunately Facebook no longer allows you to use them. You can only install applications onto tabs now.

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No, it was a full app. It must be in my settings because when I log out and view the page the links to the taps show up –  Collin Mar 23 '11 at 6:19

I had this problem as well - but only for some Apps on tabs. Colin's comment that he could see if if logged out gave me the clue. I can view the apps (and edit them) if I am visiting my page as my personal profile. I guess some Apps are administered by the personal profile, and some are administered by the Page. Why I do not know.

Thanks Katie McGregor

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