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My Code:

For Each dr In dt.Rows()
  If (cnt = 0) Then
     tx_control2.Text = dr("Name").ToString.Trim
     tx_control2.Text = tx_control2.Text + Environment.NewLine + dr("Name").ToString.Trim
  End If
  cnt = cnt + 1

Next ' for row

Using above code to add all names from datatable to TEXTBOX using Environment.NewLine. This is adding all names in TEXTBOX.Now I want different color for alternate names.

I used :

tx_control2.ForeColor = Color.Maroon

But above solution change the color of all names.

I looking for solution.


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All of the text in a TextBox control is displayed in the same color. If you need rich formatting with multiple colors, you need to use the appropriately named RichTextBox control, instead. See this question for details on how to use it. –  Cody Gray Mar 23 '11 at 3:51

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It's not possible with a TextBox. You'll have to use a RichTextBox for that.

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Use a rich text box instead, normal text boxes don't provide the kind of control you need.

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