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Are there any good utils/frameworks which could generate Java Object for SQL Query?

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I don't know its gonna be enough helpful but, as you asked for utils, I would suggest you to read about the QUERY OBJECT PATTERN (P of EAA, M. Fowler), if you have time to implement something, its a good beginning, otherwise you may lookfor any ORM framework.

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Are you aware of any frameworks, which could help in designing subQueries and joins too? For ex: Select * from person where id = (select * from map where id=223) – Phani Mar 23 '11 at 5:35

QueryDsl automatically creates Query Objects from your Hibernate, JPA or JDO classes, but also from your DB schema.

Querying with Querydsl SQL is as simple as this :

QCustomer customer = new QCustomer("c");

SQLTemplates dialect = new HSQLDBTemplates(); // SQL-dialect
SQLQuery query = new SQLQueryImpl(connection, dialect); 
List<String> lastNames = query.from(customer)

It also supports subqueries:

To create a subquery you create a SQLSubQuery instance, define the query parameters via from, where etc and use unique or list to create a subquery, which is just a type-safe Querydsl expression for the query. unique is used for a unique (single) result and list for a list result.

      new SQLSubQuery().from(customer2).unique(customer2.status.max()))

Another example

query.from(customer).where( SQLSubQuery().from(status).where(  
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I am using torque to do that. There is an example(Tutorial) which show what it can do at

But what exactly is it you want? Do you just a simple way to serialize/unserialize objects to the database, and load them based on a primary/foreign key, or do you need to issue really complicated queries?

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