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What is the most effective way to obtain a vector having a unique specified object property (not unique objects just objects with unique specified property).

If y needed to be a unique property

point.x = 2 point.y = 3
point.x = 3 point.y = 3
point.x = 4 point.y = 4
point.x = 4 point.y = 5

Could become:

point.x = 3 point.y = 3
point.x = 4 point.y = 4
point.x = 4 point.y = 5
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One way to do this is like this:

struct Point
    Point(int x_in,int y_in): x(x_in), y(y_in){}
    int x;
    int y;

int main()
    using namespace boost::lambda;
    using namespace std;

    vector<Point> v;

    //First sort the vector as std::unique requires a sorted range
    stable_sort(v.begin(), v.end(), bind(&Point::y, _1) < bind(&Point::y, _2));

    //Make the elements in the vector unique and erase the duplicate elements from the vector
    v.erase(unique(v.begin(),v.end(), bind(&Point::y, _1) == bind(&Point::y, _2)), v.end());
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If you do not need to maintain the order of the elements you should insert your elements into a set or hash_set (depends on the number of elements) and create comparison and/or hash functions to tell the (hash_)set that objects with equal .y-property are "equal".

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You probably want unordered_set rather than hash_set, since the former is more standardized. –  templatetypedef Mar 23 '11 at 5:47

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