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The problem with sendfile is it can't copy two text files using the file fds. The error is EINVAL. // Descriptor is not valid or locked, or an mmap()-like operation is not available for in_fd.

What does this really mean ?

From the man page of sendfile ( man sendfile ) I found this statement. Not sure if it will work to copy two regular files or not.

Presently (Linux 2.6.9): in_fd, must correspond to a file which supports mmap()-like operations (i.e., it cannot be a socket); and out_fd must refer to a socket.

   Applications may wish to fall back to read(2)/write(2) in the case where sendfile() fails with EINVAL or ENOSYS.
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The idea behind sendfile() is to quickly send a file over a socket (think web servers). Regular files can be mmap()ed, but are not sockets, so it's blowing up when you hand it a regular file as the destination.

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man page if sendfile also suggested the same. now I am using std. c++ way. ofstream << ifstream.rdbuf(). Is there any better way even if it is Linux specific ? –  siddhusingh Mar 25 '11 at 5:31
Not really. It's not generally the OS's place to provide a "copy this file here" system call. –  geekosaur Mar 25 '11 at 5:38

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