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I'm trying to save the background-image of a element, remove it and then maybe add it back later.

var current_bg_image = $("#div").css("background-image");
  $("#div").css("background-image", "none");
  $("#div").css("background-image", current_bg_image); // not working...

The part where the background image is supposed to be added back doesn't work... But if I change current_bg_image with "url(something.jpg)" it works. It seems that css() doesn't work with variables?

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Your code works fine for me using jQuery 1.5.1. I believe what you will get once saving the background-image value to current_bg_image is the full path to the image, so try reading that value using Firebug or alert(current_bg_image) and ensure it is what you think it should be.

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tx, actually the problem was that var current_bg_image = $("#div").css("background-image"); was running everytime the function was called, I put it outside and now its ok :) –  Alex Mar 23 '11 at 6:49

Had the same problem, solved by this:

var id = $(this).attr("src"); //alert(id); $('#div').css({'background-image': 'url(' + id + ')', });

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