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I am trying to extract the field names from a list, but only those that are normally displayed in the edit/view-form. However, it is turning out to be more difficult than first assumed.

Filtering fields by simply not taking those with SPField.Hidden == true still yields a lot of fields that are not relevant in this context. A standard document library yields this result as example:

FileLeafRef, Title, CaseID, DocID, Finalized, Related, RegistrationDate, ItemSelectField,
ExtendedDocIcon, CaseRecordNumber, Local_x0020_Attachment, ID, ContentType, Created,
Author, Modified, Editor, _CopySource, CheckoutUser, _CheckinComment, LinkFilenameNoMenu,
LinkFilename, FileSizeDisplay, Edit, _UIVersionString, ParentVersionString, ParentLeafName

I have taken the internal names because I have a danish localized version of Sharepoint, but you get the idea. In the above Title, CaseID, DocID and LinkFilename and perhaps some more fields will be relevant - one thing is for sure, less than half of these fields are displayed when you view the item or insert a new one.

I tried the SPField.ShowIn* (DisplayForm, EditForm, etc.) but they're all set to null or false for all the fields.

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In addition to Hidden, try taking out Fields where:

  • ReadOnly is true.
  • Type is Computed
  • Group is _Hidden
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"ReadOnly is true" and "Type is Computed" should not be missed, because there are fields that are typically shown in property dialog box. –  Vladimir Obrizan Apr 4 '13 at 9:28

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