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I want to run a batch file from windows, which connect to mysql server on different machine, and run a procedure from database or run a sql file which is sitting in my local machine.

is there's a way to do it. I know that I need the below script in my batch file to run sql commands but I believe it's only work when you run the batch file in mysql server enviornment.

do I have to define the server info (e.g IP address & port) how do I do that

any help would be appricated


mysql --user=XXX --password=XXXX --database=XXX < XXX.sql

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if your MySQL Server (mysqld) is running on the same host as your MySQL client application (mysql), your command

mysql --user=XXX --password=XXXX --database=XXX < XXX.sql


If your server is on another host (as in your case), you have to add the hostname:

mysql --host=IP.ADDR.HERE --port=3306 --user=XXX --password=XXXX --database=XXX < XXX.sql

The XXX.sql file is on the same host as your MySQL Client.

Offcourse your server has to accept connections from other hosts (bind-address defined, no skip-networking, and the correct user@host privileges defined) so check your server configuration.

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do I have to specify the path of .sql file, sql file sits in the same windows folder where the batch file is and server is on another host. – MRQ Mar 23 '11 at 9:06
Yeah, you have to specify the path. If it is in the same folder, and your batch file is called from that folder (or the start in parameter is set correctly, which it is by default), it will work. If not, you can add the complete path C:\Windows\XXX.SQL or use %WINDIR%\XXX.SQL. – Konerak Mar 23 '11 at 9:10
Hi Konerak, this is what is in batch file mysql --host=XXX.XXX.XXX.XX --port=3306 --user=XXX --password=XXX --database=XXX < C:\Batchfile\XXX.sql but its not working, do I have to write something else in the batch file, because my batch file conatin the above line and that's it I have tried putting qouation marks with path but didn't work – MRQ Mar 23 '11 at 9:21
Does it work without a batchfile? If you just open a command prompt and use the mysql ... , can you connect? What happens when you do mysql ... <XXX.sql, does that work? We need more info :) – Konerak Mar 23 '11 at 9:51
it came as error – MRQ Mar 23 '11 at 9:59

do I have to define the server info (e.g IP address & port) how do I do that

You need to set port if it is not 3306. You need to set host if you want to specify user you want to connect, as you know MySQL user has a name and host - 'user1'@'host_name'.

See the manual - The MySQL Command-Line Tool

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This way the sql statement can be given inside the batch file.

mysql --host=ipaddress --port=3306 -u root -ppassword dbname -e "insert into emp ('id', 'name') values (1, 'hawk')"
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