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I would need to create a script that uses sed to replace the lower case vowels with upper case vowels and the upper case vowels with lover case ones. For example if I would have the string "This Is a lOng String" the result should be "ThIs is A long StrIng". I tried something like this sed 's/a/A/g ; s/A/a/g' but this will not change a->A and A->a it only replaces the lower case ones.. I know there were similar questions but I couldn't get it to work so I thought I would ask you..

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Use sed's y command for transliterating.

sed 'y/aeiouAEIOU/AEIOUaeiou/'

Proof of Concept

$ echo "This Is a lOng String" | sed 'y/aeiouAEIOU/AEIOUaeiou/'
ThIs is A long StrIng
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Thank you very much! –  snailBoys Mar 23 '11 at 9:07
@snailBoys no problem. Please accept the answer if this solved your question by clicking the checkmark next to the vote count. Welcome to SO –  SiegeX Mar 23 '11 at 9:10

Why restrict yourself to sed? A quick test on my box has:

$ tr 'aeiouAEIOU' 'AEIOUaeiou'

running almost 6 times faster than the equivalent sed command. (And redirecting output to the bit bucket, tr is 135 times faster, outputting to a pipe has tr 38.5 times faster. Sure, these are single test benchmarks and are not at all accurate, but tr is the right tool for this.)

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sed 'y/aeiouAEIOU/AEIOUaeiou/'
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Implement this, from lower to upper:

sed 'y/aeiou/AEIOU/' inputfile.txt > outputfile.txt
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