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I have a problem with a site in CakePHP 1.1 which is impossible to migrate from version due to the size of the project.

I need to create methods to which call using extensions, for example:

$Route->connect('/xxx.xml', array ('controller' => 'Interactive', 'action' => 'xxx'));

But this does not work and the problem is that Cake 1.1 does not have this function:


Has anyone working with cakephp 1.1 had this problem? If so do they know how to fix it?


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I'm not 100% familiar of the capabilities of CakePHP 1.1, but have you considered setting up a router to look for something like the following:


Then you could control what controller/action it leads to and alter the layout.

You might need to escape the . on .xml.

I would seriously consider upgrading to CakePHP 1.3 and reading the migration docs.

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The problem is not the layout, is this:

if i set this router:

$Route->connect('/xxx.xml', array ('controller' => 'Interactive', 'action' => 'xxx'));

or your example:

$Route->connect('/:controller/:xxx.xml', array ('controller' => 'Interactive', 'action' => 'xxx'));

the function called is:

class MuControlController extends AppController {
   function xxx.xml() {

obiusly this function cant exists.

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