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Could someone help me understand why new Function does not work here?

var fn = data["callback"]; // String with value: function() { anotherFunctionToRun(); }
var foo = new Function("return ("+fn+")");

alert(foo) // returns function anonymous() { return function () {anotherFunctionToRun();}; }
alert(foo()) // function () { anotherFunctionToRun(); }

foo(); // Wont do anything

Is there something wrong with my syntax?

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You're creating foo as a function which returns another function. Whenever you execute foo(), it'll return a function.

foo(); // returns a function, but appears to do nothing

alert(foo) // prints definition of foo, which is the complete function body
alert(foo()) // shows you the function body of the function returned by foo

foo(); // returns a function, but appears to do nothing

To run anotherFunctionToRun, you would need to execute the returned function:

var anotherFoo = foo();
anotherFoo(); // should execute anotherFunctionToRun

Or just don't wrap the data["callback"] code in a function returning function to begin with.

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Thanks for your quick response, this worked. – Gomer Mar 23 '11 at 9:59

Your call to foo() is just returning the function object, but not invoking it. Try this:


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This worked also, thanks for your quick response. – Gomer Mar 23 '11 at 10:00

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