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I try to subtract two dates from each other but unfortunately without success. Maybe someone could give me a hand. My first try looks like:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#use strict;
use warnings;
use DateTime;

$today = DateTime->now( time_zone => 'Europe/Berlin' );
$today = $today->ymd;

my $year = '2011';
my $month = '03';
my $day = '22';

my $dt1 = DateTime-> new (
                     year => $year,
                     month => $month,
                     day   => $day,
                     time_zone =>'Europe/Berlin'

my $mydate = $dt1->ymd;

my $sub = $today->subtract_datetime($mydate);

print "subtraction: $sub \n";

Thanks in advance.

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One problem seems to be here:

$today = $today->ymd;

It writes over object, but you want to use it's method later.

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Hi wk, thanks a lot for your reply. I removed the ymd and now it works fine if I print $sub->days –  Stefan Mar 23 '11 at 10:31

The problem is that you are calling ymd method, which returns a string, not a DateTime object. So as wk tells you, you should use the subtract_datetime method before calling the ymd method. In your code, you'll probably get the "Can't call method "subtract_datetime" without a package or object reference at ..." message

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->ymd returns a string, not a DateTime object.

$today = DateTime->now( time_zone => 'Europe/Berlin' );
$today = $today->ymd;

should be

$today = DateTime->now( time_zone => 'Europe/Berlin' );
$today->truncate( to => 'day' );

or just

$today = DateTime->today( time_zone => 'Europe/Berlin' );


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