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what is the meaning of F :":::A:""T"""::$X::::"*":J%% this statement?

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This statement is not valid syntax.

The F or FOR command followed by a single space must be in the following form:

F[OR]  lvn = forparameter

  forparameter  ::= 
     │ expr1                          |
     │ numexpr1 : numexpr2 : numexpr3 |
     │ numexpr1 : numexpr2            |

lvn is a local variable name.

In your code, there is no lvn= following the for command.

More details in the annotated MUMPS Standards.

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Agreed, this is an invalid Mumps line. Some context might help if you're still looking for an answer.

Something else to keep in mind is that if there are 2 spaces after the F[OR] statement, then it will infinitely loop. Usually a line like that will also contain a:


for example:

 SET A=""

OR SET A=$ORDER(^GLOBAL(A)) QUIT:A="" DO SpecialStuff(A)

Hope that helps!

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