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how can i create an application to read all my browser (firefox) history? i noticed that i have in


what looks like a sqlite database (urlclassifier3.sqlite) but i don't know if its really what is used to store de history information. i searched for examples on how to do this but didn't find anything.

ps: although the title is similar i believe this question is not the same as "How do you access browser history?"

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Nope, it's not at all the same as my original question -- fear not! –  Danimal Sep 10 '08 at 13:42

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I believe places.sqlite is the one you should be looking into for history (Firefox 3). Below are a couple of Mozilla wiki entries that have some info on the subject.

In earlier versions of Firefox they stored history in a file called history.dat, which was encoded in a format called "Mork". This perl script by Jamie Zawinski can be used to parse Mork files.

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The Firefox SQLite Manager Addon is a great tool. If you wish to learn about the Firefox Places design and DB schema visit Mozilla Places.

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I also found the following links to be interesting:

After adding a reference to System.Data.Sqlite in my .Net project, all I had to do to create a connection was:

cnn = New SQLiteConnection("data source=c:\Users\user.name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\646vwtnu.default\places.sqlite")

I had one minor glitch has the .net sqlite provider does not support sqlite3_enable_shared_cache which I believe is preventing me to open the places.sqlite database while having firefox running (see Support for sqlite3_enable_shared_cache)

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