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The below code shows my problem. Effectively, I am trying to use Mockito's ArgumentCaptor to verify that a method was called once with a certain concrete class. I would like to use ArgumentCaptor here if possible, but I am beginning to suspect I need to use a custom ArgumentMatcher instead.

The problem is that the line Mockito.verify(mocked).receive(captor.capture()); (Edit: Added this to the code below) fails with a TooManyActualInvocations exception (2 instead of 1). I would like to understand why this is happening - is it poor implementation of Mockito or a limitation caused by type erasure of generics?

public class FooReceiver {
  public void receive(Foo foo) {


public interface Foo {

public class A implements Foo {

public class B implements Foo {

public class TestedClass {
  private FooReceiver receiver;
  public TestedClass(FooReceiver receiver) {
    this.receiver = receiver;

  public void doStuff() {
    receiver.receive(new A());
    receiver.receive(new B());

public class MyTest {

  public void testingStuff() {
    // Setup
    FooReceiver mocked = Mockito.mock(FooReceiver.class);
    TestedClass t = new TestedClass(mocked);

    // Method under test

    // Verify
    ArgumentCaptor<B> captor = ArgumentCaptor.forClass(B.class);
    Mockito.verify(mocked).receive(captor.capture()); // Fails here

    Assert.assertTrue("What happened?", captor.getValue() instanceof B);

EDIT: For anyone interested, I ended up doing this:

// Verify
final B[] b = new B[1];
ArgumentMatcher<B> filter = new ArgumentMatcher<B>() {
  public boolean matches(Object argument) {
    if(argument instanceof B) {
      b[0] = (B) argument;
      return true;
    return false;
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You can also use Mockito.isA to verify that the argument is of a specific class:


Mockito JavaDoc

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That's what I was looking for! Is that Matcher new? – Bringer128 Jul 11 '12 at 7:10
Great! Not sure, I've used it for a while.. I remember being as surprised as you when I first heard about it.. :) – Viktor Nordling Jul 12 '12 at 6:46

The method will be called twice so you need to do this:

Mockito.verify(mocked, times(2)).receive(captor.capture());
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Thanks for the response. I guess I was hoping that the ArgumentCaptor<B> instance would automatically filter the verify() command in the same way you would with a custom argument matcher that does an instanceof check for the class B. – Bringer128 Mar 24 '11 at 2:21

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