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I want to create one taxonomy Period: In this taxonomy there must multiple terms in it. a term year and in term year there are values (1 bachelor, 2 bachelor,.. 1 master, 2 master). and another term "training" (nurse, medecine,... industrial science). and 2 other therms training days, tion rights graduation with values in it. How can I do the previous in one Taxonomy, in Drupal 6. Thanks!

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And what's the question? –  acm Mar 23 '11 at 11:00

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  1. Add a new vocabulary at admin/content/taxonomy/add/vocabulary and name it "Period" and choose which content types you want to use it with.
  2. You will be directed back to the taxonomy page, click on the "Add Terms" link for the vocabulary "Period"
  3. Add all "terms" and "values" you want (year, 1 bachelor, 2 bachelor, 1 master, 2 master, training, nurse, etc) on the "Add Terms" page for the "Period" vocabulary
  4. Click on the list items tab and rearrange the terms however you like. For instance: To make "1 bachelor" a child (value) for "Year", move "1 bachelor" under "Year" and drag it to the right.

Your "List Terms" page should look similar to this (with all additional terms you want added):
Example Taxonomy Vocabulary

Here are some links about to learn more about Drupal Taxonomy:
Drupal Taxonomy Overview
Understanding taxonomies for new users
Drupal Taxonomy (VIDEO)
How To: Leverage Drupal Taxonomy (VIDEO)
Taxonomy Overview (VIDEO)

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thanks, that's a very good reply! –  user001 Mar 23 '11 at 14:51
@yannick no problem, I added links to learn more about Drupal Taxonomy as well –  Laxman13 Mar 23 '11 at 14:53

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