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I'm making a timetable for school. And i want to add an option to make notes from the lessons i have with my ipad, for example i have math now and i want to make notes from it and i want to save it in the album math ( if the album math doesn't exist i want to make the album math). I want to do this for every lesson, because i want to add an option to retrieve all the notes from a specific folder for example maths.Is it possible to do this? Many thanks for helping

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It's definitely possible. I don't know how much help you're looking for as regards to application design, but you'd probably be looking at saving data to an SQLite database using the Titanium.Database API. You'd need a table to save notes to, and if you added a column which stored the lesson type you could then pull out all notes for a specific lesson. You'd probably also save the date so you could pull out lesson notes for a particular day too. In the app you'd just pull the data out and display it in a table. If you need any more specific info just comment.

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before i save it in database i want to save it first in a tempfile, because i made a go back button in my painting app, every time an user touch the screen i take a screenshot from the view and save it in a temp folder. When a user press save I make a new folder with the last saving and then i want to put it in database. But the problem is i Can't get all the files from a specific folder on ipad, it does work on simulator. i explained it here: stackoverflow.com/questions/5457549/… , i hope you understand what i mean. Many thanks –  klaasdm Mar 28 '11 at 11:28

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