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I have a Tabbar - Application and i want to show data (NSString) from a NSMutableArray in an UITextfield or better in an UITableView after a button-click.

how can i init and open and fill the UITabelView?


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That seems like a basic implementation of a UITableView. The Apple UITableView documentation should cover any questions you have on UITableViews. For your button click, tie the IBAction of the button to call [yourTableView reload]. This forces a load of the table view.

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Are your tableView and textField in the same tab where your button is?

Say you have stringArray which is holding all the NSString Objects.

then you can set

textField.text = [stringArray objectAtIndex:indexYouWant];

If you want to add the whole array to tableView, you will need to use that stringArray and implement tableView Methods.

But still I am not clear with your question.

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This is an overly broad question. Why not look at some example code and try to figure it out? If you get stuck, come back and post a question and some code showing where you are having a problem.

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