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I’m building a widget system based on Action Helper. Each widget deal with the segment response to modify the render view. But , I’ve got a problem. The widgets are calling in a Controller Plugin, in the preDispatch, like this :

// $widgets : list of widget to call
foreach($widgets as $segment =>$widget) {
new $widget($segment));

That’s worsk fine. But if I’ve got a same widget call twice, the widget will be calling just one time. Example :

new Menu_Widget($segment=’menu’),
new Menu_Widget($segment =’right’),

If I do a dump to check the stack :


I can see just one time Menu_Widget in this array.

How can I have multiple instance of a same Action Helper?

Sorry for my english.

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Maybe this link will give you some info. –  Marcin Mar 23 '11 at 12:20

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IMO the helper broker is made just for that - to have only one instance. I would either extend the Broker (which makes little sense) or create a class that will handle the calls.

Update: Make a action/view helper. Assign widgets to it and then use it to echo the widgets.

// controller
foreach ($this->_helper->widget->getWidgets() as $widget) {

$this->widget()->getWidget('widgetName'); //view params already set
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Ok so I've got a big problem :(. You say "create a class", but I wonder how can i do handle the calls in this class. –  anardil Mar 23 '11 at 13:29

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