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how to write apex class for delete records in custom object in sales force. let me know solution

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Can you clarify your question, do you want to delete records from apex, or something else ? –  superfell Mar 23 '11 at 17:34

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Pending clarification of the question - have a look at the delete DML operation. This will allow you to delete one or more existing sObject records, including custom objects, from Apex.

You may need to check that the sObject you are trying to delete has the deletable property.

If you have a custom object Foo__c (note the "__c" suffix indicating it is a custom sObject) then you can delete all the records from Apex as follows:

List<Foo__c> existing = [SELECT Id From Foo__c];
delete existing;
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Yes, you can delete all records of your custom objects script:

"your_object_name"[] my=[select Id from "your_object_name"];
for("your_object_name" here: my)
        delete here;
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just use this Line...

delete [select id from "Ur Obj Name"]; 

Execute it in Developer Console.....

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Instead of deleting on object at a time (which may hit governer limits) you can delete all queried objects at once:

"your_object_name"[] my=[select Id from "your_object_name"];
delete "your_object_name";
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The suggested solution to delete inside a for loop will not work given the 150 DML calls limits per transaction.


Remember that IF your table contains more than 50,000 records your query will fail. So may want to store the records in a Map while iterating a SOQL FOR loop. then outside the loop you can call delete on the map values.

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Account account = [SELECT Id From Account where Id = :id]; delete account;

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