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Is it possible to configure a Ribbon (e.g. adding a tab etc.) in Office 2010 programatically via VBA? I.e. by writing VBScript code in a macro.

Br. Morten

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You can manipulate a Ribbon tab and its controls using VBA, but you cannot create one. Not with the Object Model anyway. The best you could do - somehow - is to get some kind of OPC dll (like an ActiveX component) that handles opening/relationships/closing of OPC documents (like .docx documents) and old school MSXML for creating a ribbon definition and adding it to the package.

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Have a look at this blog post for Excel


and this one for Word


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Hi, it seems to me that neither of these are solving the problem of adding new tabs (in general, adding Ribbon XML) using pure VBA? I was hoping for something like: Dim customUiXml As String customXml = "<mso:customUI yada yada" Smth.RunMyXml(customUiXml) –  Maate Mar 23 '11 at 13:31

If your UI is static, i.e. you don't need to programatically change the behavior of, or add/remove UI elements on the fly, you can define a customUI within a macro-enabled template. You can use your VBA functions as call-backs for the UI elements defined in the XML.

Have a look at this guide. In a nutshell, you define a customUI\customUI14.xml file within the .dotm archive. This XML describes your custom ribbon elements using this schema.

This definitely works for Word templates (.dotm files). I think a similar approach works for any OOXML format.

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