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I am interested how to prevent one page of a website to not get indexed by Google, or any other robots. In my script i have the template with TPL files , Index.tpl , Header.tpl .... So how do i tell google not to index page : login.tpl

Thank you

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If you want a specific URL (or a directory) no not be indexes by crawlers, a simple solution is to use a robots.txt file -- which will allow you to specify what can, and cannot, be indexed.

For more informations, see About /robots.txt

For example, if you want a crawler not to index the /my-page.php URL, you could use something like this in your robots.txt file :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /my-page.php

As a sidenote : files that should not be visible from end-users (like include files, libraries, non-interpreted templates, ...) should not be served by your webserver : no-one should be available to access those.

If using Apache, using a .htaccess file in a given folder (provided this feature is enabled), you can prevent Apache from serving any file from that folder :

Deny from All

Note : nothing will be served by Apache from the directory that contains a .htaccess file with that content !

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Thanks for the answers :) Solved !! –  Andy Mar 23 '11 at 12:56
Cool,So i need to use .htaccess , But the problem is i need to exclude just files from the folder , not the entire folder . –  Andy Mar 25 '11 at 9:29

This is not correct. The robots.txt does not tell crawlers what to index and what not to index. That's what you use the meta-robots tag for. Have it serve noindex and you're good. See for example and further reading: http://yoast.com/x-robots-tag-play/

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