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Is there someway to get the visible area of the panel when zooming. I have a force directed graph and I am interested in obtaining all the elements that are in the visible area after a zoom event. Any suggestions? Thanks

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You can access the current transformation matrix of a panel via the transform parameter. So, in the following example:

var vis = new pv.Panel()

var panel = vis.add(pv.Panel)
    .event("mousewheel", pv.Behavior.zoom(1))

var dot = panel.add(pv.Dot)
    .top(function(d) d[0])
    .left(function(d) d[1])


If you load this example, then zoom around a bit, you can access the current transformation matrix like this:

var t = panel.transform(),
    tk = t.k, // scale factor, applied before x/y
    tx = t.x, // x-offset
    ty = t.y; // y-offset

You should be able to determine whether a child mark (e.g., in this example, dot) is in the visible area by applying the transformation matrix to its top and left parameters and then checking to see whether they're within the panel's original bounding box (0,0,200,200). For the dot above, you could check like this:

function(d) {
    var t = panel.transform(),
        // assuming the current dot instance is accessible as "this"
        x = (this.left() + t.x) * t.k, // apply transform to dot x position
        y = ( + t.y) * t.k;  // apply transform to dot y position
    // check bounding box. Note that this is a little simplistic - 
    // I'm just checking dot center, not edges
    return x > panel.left() && x < (panel.left() + panel.width()) &&
           y > && y < ( + panel.height());
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