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I am attempting to add analytics tracking to an iPhone application using Flurry.

I already have Flurry wired up, and it seems to be tracking sessions and usages just fine. However, I just now tried to add a custom event log, but whenever I view the Flurry analytics 'Event' page it tells me that "You are not currently tracking any Events."

In my code I'm calling

[FlurryAPI logEvent:@"Test_Load"];

From the Flurry documentation this seems to be correct, but I cannot get any Event data to show up in Flurry. Any idea if I'm just doing this wrong? Or does it sometime take a while before the event data is visible on their website?

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It took 24 hours for my events to show up. –  tba Jan 2 '13 at 4:34
I'm getting "unknown receiver" when I tried to add this to a file of my own iOS app. I imported "Flurry.h". Any ideas? –  BeemerFan Dec 11 '14 at 17:56

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Sometimes it takes several hours for your analytics data to show up.

It would seem Flurry isn't exactly "real time" after all.

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I had the same issue in Android. the log appeared roughly 20 mins later on Flurry stats.

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