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recently the Xcode 4 was released and it's totally different from the 3.x.x versions.

I wander if some of you already found equivalents or similar functionalities that the 3.x.x version + old Interface Builder had like the following shortcuts:

cmd+b - bold font in Interface Builder
cmd+shift+"=" (cmd+ "+") = bigger font (I.B.)
cmd+"-" = smaller font (I.B.)
cmd+up arrow - switching from the .h to .m file of the same class
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cmd+up arrow - switching from the .h to .m file of the same class

This one is ctrl+command+up now, or ctrl+option+command+up to open in a split pane side by side.

I don't think it's possible to change fonts by shortcuts any more, since they don't use the standard font menu any more. But I might be wrong.

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