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When using framework. you can redirect an url to a subapplication. e.g (

import web
import subapp1

urls = (
    "/(.*)", "index"

this is really straight forward.

However, when writing which has its own url handlers, if i want to re-route some url, say '/sub2', to another subapplication (subapp2), i am failing.

Formerly in

import web
import subapp2

urls = (
    "/(.*)", "some_local_class"

GET request to "/sub1/sub2/", is handled by "some_local_class" in But i need this url is re-routed to

Is there anything i am missing? Or may be this is not recommended url handling methodology in

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After some trial-error, found that there is nothing wrong with and rerouting from subapp to another subapp. It is all working perfectly.

What is wrong is my method. Do not try to create a subapp in package's file. At least when i moved subapp to its own module, it all worked well.

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