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hi i have used sys_getpid() from within kernel to get process id how can I find out process name from kernel struct? does it exist in kernel??

thanks very much

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struct task_struct contains a member called comm, it contains executable name excluding path.

Get current macro from this file will get you current process.

Using above info you can use get the name info.

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Not sure, but find_task_by_pid_ns might be useful.

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you can look at the special files in /proc/<pid>/

For example, /proc/<pid>/exe is a symlink pointing to the actual binary.

/proc/<pid>/cmdline is a null-delimited list of the command line, so the first word is the process name.

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I believe Malesh N. wants to be able to do this from kernel code. –  craig65535 May 12 at 17:06

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