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I launched a website a few days ago, dedicated to Justin Bieber concert in Indonesia.

We made a contest, simple but very effective, in order to win few tickets for the concert.

Users connect with facebook, and have to answer every day five questions about JB. Good answers give points. To increase your points, you can invite your friends to join and will get a commission of 10% out of the points they will make when they join thanks to you (I use simple cookie process for that)

The first day was alright. The second day, we got a few complaints sent by FB to my mail. I installed the <fb:request-form> tool so people can invite their friends, it turned out a lot of users were abusing of that.

So FB disabled my APP.

I sent them a mail explaining I cannot really control when people connect from FB for the first time, and even less when they invite their friends.

They allowed me to recreate the APP (no big deal, since I store all the important info for users on my own DB.

So this morning, I was able to re-launch the contest, starting from 3700 FB users. But this time, I removed the <fb:request-form>, to avoid potential complaints.

Today was crazy, with over 5000 (!) new FB connections from new users. No complaints at all, it seems that removing the worked.

Then, about 1 hour ago, another message from FB : application disabled. Again.

So It seems FB does not like getting too many new connections for one single application, probably in a 24hours range.

The thing is that all FB messages sent to me look automatic, and when trying to know what I can do to avoid that, they don't really answer.

So I want to know if there is a daily limit in terms of new users FB connections on my App? If I knew that, at least I could just block new registrations when this limit is reached.

This FB Connect thing is just fantastic, making easy for people to log in on a website, but does not seem to handle cases where the new users connections / day is getting insane.

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What is the message that Facebook are sending you? – Neil Knight Mar 23 '11 at 14:54
Please check on Promotions Guidelines – haha Mar 24 '11 at 9:40

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