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I am about to create an apache ant target that compresses all my .js files with gzip. For now I came up with the following:

<target name="compress-js" description="Compressed JS files">
    <echo>Compressing JS files...</echo>
    <apply executable="gzip" parallel="false">
        <arg value="-c" />
        <arg value="--best" />
        <srcfile />
        <arg value=">" />
        <targetfile suffix=".${extension}" />
        <fileset dir="${js.dir}" includes="**/*.js" />
        <mapper type="identity" />

Reading the files works correctly but the generated targetfile has the wrong path.

Given ${js.dir} is: /var/htdocs/js and I start my ant target in some other directory the script above produces the following shell command:

gzip -c /var/htdocs/js/a/b/1.js > ./a/b/1.js

which is not correct. The targetfile should get the same absolute path as the sourcefile. I want it to produce the following line:

gzip -c /var/htdocs/js/a/b/1.js > /var/htdocs/js/a/b/1.js

Can someone tell me how to do this?

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If you do that you're liable to truncate the files. The shell will truncate on open for write, then open them for read - but they're now truncated - as the source for the gzip. –  martin clayton Mar 23 '11 at 17:17

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Use something like =

<tar destfile="./your.tar.gz" compression="gzip">
 <tarfileset dir="${js.dir}">
  <include name="**/*.js"/>

see Ant manual for tar task

Beside that there is also a wrapper task for the YUI Compressor Task, here's some detailled description how to use it = Compress JavaScript and CSS as Part of your Build Process

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You could do it with two steps: first gzip the files, then rename them to remove the suffix.

<target name="compress-js">
  <apply executable="gzip" parallel="false">
    <fileset dir="${js.dir}" includes="**/*.js"/>
  <move todir="${js.dir}">
    <fileset dir="${js.dir}">
       <include name="**/*.gz"/>
    <globmapper from="*.gz" to="*"/>
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