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i have a text field

<input type="text" class="text" id="txt_sh_vid" onKeyPress="vhc_record()" maxlength="4">

when i pressed key it will call a function i js

function vhc_record()
var  data='vhc='+document.getElementById('txt_sh_vid').value;

it will take the text field value and search a result from database

die ("error".mysql_error());

$qry="select * from vehicle where vehiclenumber like '$vhc%'";
echo "<table class='select'>


while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){

    echo"<tr onclick='vhc_inv()'>";
    echo"<td id='vhcid'>" .$r['vehicleid']."</td>";
echo"<td id='vhcl'>" .$r['vehiclenumber']."</td>";
echo "</tr>";}
echo "</table>";



the orignal problem is that it will show the whole table on first keypress and on second key press it will take the firstkeypressed value as a search let suppose when i write n in textfield it will show the whole vehicle table and when i pressed k then it will show only the record having vehicle number starting from n.and when i pressed any other letter then it will show only the record having vehiclenumber=nk *i want it that when i press n in text field it will only show the record of vehicles having vehicle number starting from n*

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Try to use onKeyUp event instead of onKeyPress

for example: <input type="text" class="text" id="txt_sh_vid" onKeyUp="vhc_record()" maxlength="4">

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@borbas thank you very much it will work now. –  sadi Mar 23 '11 at 15:15

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