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I'm struggling to parse a Google feed. I have no problems with normal RSS but this slightly more complex ATOM based feed is not working for me with the same simple parsing code. How can I get to the entry elelemts?

The following code I am using does not work, it returns no collection, but works fine with RSS for getting <item> elements presumably becuase they have no attributes.

XElement _xml = XElement.Parse(response);
foreach (XElement value in _xml.Elements("entry"))

How can I get to the entry elements when they have a gd:etag="..."?

Any help appreciated.

--------------- SAMPLE OF THE FEED ----------------------

<feed xmlns="" xmlns:openSearch=""
      xmlns:docs="" xmlns:batch=""
      xmlns:gd="" gd:etag="W/&quot;DUMFR3YyfCt7ImA9WxNTFU0.&quot;">
<title>Available Documents -</title>
<entry gd:etag="'EVJVTBICRit7ImBq'">

<entry gd:etag="'HhJSFgpeRyt7ImBq'">


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You should use Linq. Load the xml into an XDocument object and then run a Linq query against that for the entries that have gd:etag="".

XDocument feedXml = XDocument.Load(uriToFeed);
var feedInfo = from item in publicationsXml.Descendants("feed")
               select new Feed // this can be a class that has the properties 
                               // from each feed that you care about
                 // code to retreive info you need from the item
                 ID = item.Element("id").Value,
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