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We have a repository hosted in-house and we want to synchronize some of the projects on an online repository. By looking at svnsync command, it seems that the synchronization is for all the repository. Is there a way to restrict the synchronization to some directories?

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Items that should not be replicated, should probably be in a separate repository. – Mike Miller Mar 23 '11 at 20:26

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My goal was to make my code available to the public using Google Code. Fortunately they provide a Mercurial repository. So I ended up mixing both SVN and Mercurial.

  • Clone the project from Google Code on the local machine into folder project-hg
  • Checkout the project using the in-house SVN into the folder project-hg
  • Add and commit the files using Mercurial and ignore .svn folders
  • Push the changes to Google Code

Every time I want to synchronize my project with Google Code I do

  • svn update
  • Commit the modification using Mercurial
  • Push the changes to Google Code

I will lose the revision history from SVN but it’s not a problem for me.

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