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Is there a way within FSI that I can reference and use registered COM components?

In a normal .fs compiled program I can simply reference the component in question and then open the relevant generated namespace(s). In a .fsx file, however, I can't seem to replicate this behaviour. I have tried using #r to reference the .dll directly, and I have tried using #I to point to the directory followed #r both with the library's "friendly" name and the file name, but nothing seems to work.

Are you only able to reference .NET assemblies from a .fsx? I don't really want to have to write/gen a wrapper assembly. I am hoping there might be a way to force FSI to take whatever steps the normal executable takes in order to provide the interop layer.

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When you add a reference to a COM component in Visual Studio, it invokes a tool to generate a wrapper (standard .NET assembly) and then references the wrapper.

If you want to reference COM from fsx, you'll need to generate the wrapper yourself (or find the one generated by Visual Studio?) The tool that generates the wrapper that is called TlbImp.exe (see Type Library Importer on MSDN).

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Thanks Tomas, I had suspected as much ! – Ross McKinlay Mar 23 '11 at 17:21
What you don't have to do this yourself anymore? – akaphenom Mar 24 '11 at 17:28

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