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I have a webpage that needs to be able to read a file for parsing and display content in a table. my html calls ajax calls my php, my php reads the file and parses and sends back the content for the table. I have tested this with the file on my local machine, but I need to be able to read the file when it is in svn. can someone point me in the right direction,

function rFile($fName)
    $url = "svnURL"; //my svn url
    $endName = $url.$fName.".sql";
    //echo "$endName";
    if (file_exists($endName))
        //code for parsing  
        echo " no file";


this is what I am currently trying... and I always get "no file" so I know that this isnt right plus i think that I need to add credentials some how. I am grateful for any help and thanks in advance.

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Accessing a SVN file directly via standard HTTP works mostly when the Apache2 webdav module is serving it. Otherwise it would need a separate svnbrowser installed, or use the cmdline client exec("svn cat $url") – mario Mar 23 '11 at 15:54
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Worked fine for me:

echo file_get_contents('https://user:pass@HOST/svn/project/trunk/htdocs/index.php');

Given that I have the APACHE WEBDAV module installed on the HOST for svn access over HTTPS .

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this worked for me as well... thanks – kyle Mar 23 '11 at 16:10

Have a look at the pecl extension for svn:

The function you probably want to use is: svn_cat

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says that svn_cat is experimental use at own risk, might that cause problems later on? – kyle Mar 23 '11 at 15:54

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