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I have a verys strange problem. There are 2 MediaElements shown on a page that each use a custom MediaStreamSource that handles H264 raw data streamed via a custom RTSP procol.

They play perfectly when there is only one playing but it they both play sat the same time there seems to be some kind of "frame synchronization" between them.

For example if I start one MediaElement everything plays perfectly (say 10fps), as soon as I start the other MediaElement they "take turns" to show a frame which means that they both play at the same speed (the speed of the MediaElement with the lowest FPS).

This issue is also apparent when I open up each media element in a completely new instance of IE/FireFox/Chrome.

I am very confused - does Silverlight run all GetSampleAsync calls on the same thread or something?

Thanks guys - I know you can help!


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